Simple, Powerful Attendance and Payroll

Management Solution

EzyTimeStation is a complete solution for companies looking to track attendance and generate payroll without the usual costs and overhead of traditional systems. Our software automates the tedious process of attendance and payroll management.


Why Ezy Attendence and Payroll?

Prevent human errors, save countless hours spent on employee payroll and attendance management.

Our simplified attendance and payroll management solution, working alongside with our data collection devices helps you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity without breaking a sweat. Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time from anywhere in the world. You can easily manage employee loans, leaves, advance payment, income tax slab with EzyTimeStation.

Say goodbye to Excel sheets!

Our software automates the whole process of attendance and payroll. Generate detailed pay slips for each employee that can be securely viewed or printed out at any time. The data is generated in accordance with the clock in and out time of your employees. Late arrivals, leaves and allowances are automatically generated using EzyTimeStation.

Bringing employee management to the palm of your hand!

Using our mobile application your employees can clock in/out from their phones. You can view attendance history of each employee, their location, and daily reports of their status. You can also generate monthly reports using the application. The great thing about our application is that it works perfectly in offline mode. Everything can be viewed in just a few taps. Our mobile application is currently in the development





    Our attendance management module is designed to handle the attendance requirements of public and private schools, educational institutes and companies of all sizes.



    Our payroll management module makes the process of creating payrolls seamless. All you have to do is add the employee details and our solution will generate their payrolls at the end of each month.



    Our solution allows you to manage holidays, working days and leaves of each employee. You can generate monthly supply report and check the attendance details of each student or employee.

  • Project


    Our web based project management feature keeps your team and clients working together. It is built to meet the needs of any organization working on multiple projects. You can monitor the status of each project and assign tasks to your team.

  • Expense


    Our app provides you with the data of expense sheet, which occurred against each project. It also allows you to enter mileage for the expenses. All you need to do is enter a few details and all your expenses will be tracked, monitored, and recorded for you.

  • Time


    Our timesheet feature makes everyone in your company connected and empowers your workforce to operate at peak efficiency.

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