About Us

Our research & development team at Easy Clocking® is at all times concentrating on improving our existing solutions and innovating new ones. With over 9 years experience and consolidated workforce management skills, we respond rapidly to your needs, no matter how complex they are. Matched by business-focused, technical support, our response to your objectives has led to the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry. At the heart of the company is a team of skilled product developers, programmers and technical support staff. Along with sales, marketing and administration staff, they are committed to providing our customers with an unrivaled expertise, service and support.

We are a team of developers who work under the name of Vozye. We build robust business products, mobile applications and custom software solutions for startups and large scale businesses:

  • Over a decade of experience in software development.
  • Thousands of satisfied users.
  • Provides integrated solutions to manage customers, employees and projects.

Our team is dedicated to developing apps that help project groups in working together more efficiently. We believe that using resources and technologies, allow companies to empower their teams and create a more productive environment. We build apps with the following goals in mind:

  • Produce applications which are simple, user friendly and standardized.
  • Design applications that can be easily configured to solve new business challenges.
  • Create applications which are easily accessible by organizational members and clients.

We developed our first product EzyTime and launched it online in 2014, as a web-based timesheet product in both downloadable and online version. Since then, EzyTime went through a number of enhancements, including an iOS application and a responsive web version. Currently, our team is working on applications which are powerful and incredibly easy to use.

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