Leave Management

It is critical for every organization to keep track of their employee’s leaves, to ensure the salary amount is accurate. EzyTimeStation makes the process of leave management seamless. All you need to do is add the types of leaves your organization is offering to its employees, set leave policy and our application will manage the rest.

Leave Types

From casual and sick to privilege leaves, our software allows the user to set their own leave types. After setting up the leaves as per your organizations policies, you can make these leaves active or inactive, simply by clicking on the check button. All the leaves are encashable and you can easily edit and delete them if you want. Our software also shows who modified the leave types and when did they modify it.

Leave Policy

Whether your organization has different policies for part time or standard employees, our software allows you to set up policies as per your requirements. You can also change the effective date and initial set to days for each leave policy. Admins have the option to make policies active or de-active anytime they want.

Leave Marking

In this feature the admin of software have the option to manually mark leaves of any employees that are on leaving and applying for leaves. You can apply any leave policy to the employee, depending on the designation of their work. Admins can also view the details of every employee in a single screen of every employee on leave.

Whether your company operates 5 days a week or 7, our software can make the whole process of leave management seamless.

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