Mobile Application

EzyTimeStation automates your processes, increases efficiency and frees up resources, so you can focus on maximizing profitability. To ensure the employee’s data is easily accessible for the management of companies, we have developed an iOS and Android application of EzyTimeStation.

With our mobile application you can view attendance history of each employee, their location, and daily reports of their status. You can also generate monthly reports using the application. Your employees can clock in/out from their phones as well. The great thing about our application is that it works perfectly in offline mode. Everything can be viewed in just a few taps. Our mobile application is currently in the development stages and it will be out very soon

EzyTimeStation Mobile Application

  • Mobile solution to track your field employees
  • Users can download and install the app in their mobile phones
  • Users can login with their provided user id and password by connecting to their local server through wifi
  • Users can mark their attendance in offline mode, user's attendance time and longitude & latitude saved in the local data base.
  • After clock in, system gets user's current location on every 30 minutes and track in the system.
  • In the attendance data the system picks the nearest location with the help of longitude and latitude.
  • Attendance history
  • Manual synchronization user and admin side

EzyTimeStation Web Application

  • View all employees’ attendance clock in and clock with location
  • View all employees routes track
  • Create mobile login user
  • Attendance reports

If you are looking for a complete time, attendance and payroll management solution, feel free to contact us at info@ezytimestation.com or call 021-34800081

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