privacy security

Privacy & Security

All your data stays 100% secure with EzyTimeStation. We respect and value the privacy of data for all our clients and hence our team does frequent back up of all the clients payroll data, in case of any mishaps.

We never disclose any personal information to a third party without the informed consent of the individual, except if required to by law or other regulation.

Only the administrators and assigned personals can make amendments in the data of employees and users only get one screen view of their leaves, remaining holidays, deductions and work hours.

Admin Panel

Security & privacy control

The most trusted feature of EzyTime is its privacy and security control. EzyTime gives you ultimate control over privacy and security. No one can view, edit and monitor a timesheet until you allow them to.

  • Create a role based security plan with a customized authority.
  • Audit Trail.

Role permission

EzyTime gives you complete authority of your security. You have the option to make certain features visible to certain people. It is totally up to you to authorize to which employee views which project, task or any feature of the product.

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